Biology is the study of life. It's the study of the simplest forms of plants and animals -- think algae and one-celled animals - to the highly complex.

It's the study of how organisms interact with their environment. It's the study of genes and how they're inherited from one generation to another.

It's the study of how evolution has changed the behaviour, ecology and development of the creatures that live on earth.

Biology is fascinating science and our students are not just attending lectures. They're peering through state-of-the-art microscopes, dipping their toes in tidal pools and getting their hands dirty in our greenhouse.


Images of Biology Students

Biology News

Hal Whitehead and Tonya Wimmmer participate in WWF-Canada panel on the State of Canada's Whales More
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Congratulations to Jennifer Saunders, who got the Valox Award for third best oral presentation among undergraduate students at the Science Atlantic conference

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Sarah Iverson not only brings her research on seals to the classroom - she brings her classroom to the seals. More

A count of life on planet Earth

Biology Strategic Plan Read More..

Award and Prize Recipients

Summer by the sea - not the usual jaunt to Peggy's Cove
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The right whale to study More...

Understanding a vulnerable species More ...

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July 1 Canada Day
August 4 Natal Day
Sept 1 Labour Day
Sept 4 Classes begin

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