Biology/Marine Biology Tours

Come and See What We are Doing!

We offer a selection interesting topics for visiting high school students. Below is a list of such areas:

1. The Thomas McCulloch Museum -an example of a traditional natural history museum .

2. Biology Greenhouse -eight climate controlled rooms showing a range of different types of plants and habitats.

3. Imaging Suite -light, transmission and scanning electron microscopes.

4. Gene Probe Lab -our central laboratory used to delve into the genetics of organisms.

5. Programmed Cell Death Lab -Development studies on the Madagasgar Lace plant.

6. Ocean Tracking Network -tracing movements and behaviour of marine organisms.

7. Aquatron Facility -tanks with flowing water used to study freshwater and marine organisms.

8. Customized laboratory experience -arrange with us to have a special lab for your students.

Contact me if you find any of this interesting.

Karen Smith
Technician Biology Department
Life Science Centre
Dalhousie University
1355 Oxford St
Halifax, NS.

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