Scholarships & Awards

  • Entrance scholarships: Hoping to attend Dalhousie? Check out the university's entrance scholarships.

  • Sarah Lawson Research Scholarships: These scholarships are intended to support four or five honours students going into their final year to do botanical research over the summer. TheGenus: Cephalocereus scholarships are valued at approximately $1,600 a month and can be held for three to four months. For more info and forms, download the (pdf).

  • NSERC Scholarships: These scholarships, sponsored by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, support students wanting to do research with a biology faculty member who holds an NSERCC research award. The scholarships are valued at approximately $5,625. For more info and forms, download the (doc).

  • The Gary Hicks Memorial Award: This annual award is named for a former faculty member remembered for his enthusiasm for teaching and dedication to biology. This award goes to a student in the honour's program whose major area of study is botany. For more info and forms, download the (doc)(pdf)

  • The David Dougall Memorial Bursary: The intent of the bursary, named for a former biology student, is to provide assistance and encouragement to one or more students majoring in biology in their third or fourth years. For more info and forms, download the (pdf).

  • The Alex Graham Memorial Award: This award goes to a student in the marine biology program who has shown outstanding participation, dedication and contribution to the department, demonstrated satisfactory academic performance and declared their major as marine biology. For more info and forms, download the (pdf) .

  • Andrew Mackay Alumni Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to a returning full-time undergraduate student at Dalhousie entering their third year of studies within the faculties of Architecture, Arts and Social Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Health Professions, Management and Science. The number and value of awards vary each year, although in 2005/06, two scholarships valued at $2,600 were awarded. For more info and forms, download the PDF.

  • B'nai B'rith Prize:Terms of Reference: Given annually to the student earning the highest grade in Biology 1010 and 1011. Selected by the Instructors for Biology 1010 and 1011 each May.

  • Cecelia Rajaratnam Memorial Prize in Plant Cell Biology: The purpose of this prize is to recognize and reward a student who demonstrates a passion for the subject of Plant Cell Biology (Biology 4220) and excels academically in the course.

  • David Durward Memorial Prize: Terms of Reference: This prize is to be awarded to the best student in The Physiology of Marine Animals (Biology 3078 & 3079 or Marine Biology 3074 & 3076) class. The prize is awarded in memory of Robert David Durwood who was an accomplished postgraduate student in the Department. Selected by the Physiology Instructor each May.

  • Developmental Biology Prize: This fund created in May 2005 by Dr. Brain Hall with money he was awarded winning one of four $10,000 Killam Prizes for 2005. Awarded to the student with the highest total grade in Developmental Biology, Biology 3050 each fall. Selected by the Developmental Instructor.

  • Hugh P. Bell Scholarship: Terms of Reference:Awarded to the honours students in the 4900 honours class with the highest GPAs in their
    Biology and/or Marine Biology classes. Determined by the Undergraduate Awards Committee each fall.

  • Ming Fang Li Memorial Prize in Marine Biology: Terms of Reference: Awarded to the best Marine Biology Co-op student in their 3rd year based on academic standing
    and workterm performance. Selected by Marine Co-op Co-ordinator each May.

  • Shao Hua and Wen Hsiang Yoh Prizes: Terms of Reference: First awarded October 2, 2001. Earnings from the fund will be used to support two prizes annually. The first prize will be for the student who achieves the highest standing in second year Biology courses and a second prize will also be awarded to the student who achieves the second highest standing in second year biology courses. The classes which will be considered will be from the biology CORE classes which are required for all Biology Majors and Honours students. To be eligible, students must have taken a minimum of FOUR of these classes in their 2nd year (Biology 2020, 2030, 2040 and one of 2060, 2003, or 2004). The recipients are determined by the Undergraduate Awards Committee in the fall of each year.

  • Past Award and Prize Recipients:

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