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What is Science Co-operative Education (Science Co-op)? (Science Co-op Website)

Science Co-op is an academic program that combines academic studies with paid career related experience. Students complete 3-4 paid Co-op work terms throughout their degree and graduate with a Bachelor of Science, Co-op.

Students may choose a Major, Honours, or Double Major (where only one of the disciplines is a recognized Science Co-operative Education program) degree.

Science Co-op provides many advantages to students, including a chance to explore career options through “real world” hands-on experience, a source of income throughout their degree, and an opportunity to network and make connections with potential future employers!

Job placements range from positions in universities, government labs, or private companies, located in the Halifax area, across the country, and beyond! 

Benefits of doing the Science Co-op program :

  • Experience: You will gain valuable career related experience
  • Learning: You will apply skills learned in your studies and develop new skills
  • Development: Develop your personal and professional abilities
  • Recognition: Co-operative Education is recognized locally, nationally and internationally
  • Explore Your Options: Opportunity to explore career options in your field.
    Make educated career choices
  • Offset the Cost of Education: Co-op earnings can offset some education expenses
  • Future Opportunities: Studies have shown that post secondary Co-operative Education improves the opportunities for full time employment after graduation.

Who Can Apply to the Science Co-operative Education program?

Students who meet all of the following criteria can apply to Science Co-op program:

  • minimum GPA of 3.0 and enrolled in a 20 credit degree program.
  • fulfilled the academic requirements of your department (See department of choice in undergraduate calendar)
  • eligible to work in Canada
  • Are, or will be switching into, a Bachelor of Science degree in a Science discipline with the Co-op option.
  • completed one year of university (two years may be possible in some cases)
  • approval by your Co-op Academic Advisor and the Science Co-op Office
  • Must be proficient in oral and written English
  • Review Science Co-op Dalhousie Calendar information for further information.
  • NOTE: These Co-op programs have limited enrollment. Therefore, meeting all criteria above does not guarantee automatic enrollment.


For Eligibility, Requirements, Deadlines, Forms, and further information, check out the Science Co-op website at

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