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Check out a list of all classes offered by the biology department, with links to class descriptions. This is where you can choose Cell Biology over Evolution, Flora of Nova Scotia over Animal Physiology. For full details, see the course Biology Labcalendar.


Check the academic timetable to determine which classes are offered in the current academic year and session, enrolment limits, times, classrooms and instructors.

Summer classes

Nova Scotia's a great place to be in the summer. These seaside classes are field-intensive, hands-on undergraduate classes designed to provide ecologically relevant training in the field and lab and other practical scientific techniques.

Classes this summer include Field Methods in Animal Behaviour, Intertidal Ecology and Diversity, Entomology, Urban Freshwater Systems, Applied Field Methods in Fish Ecology, Field Survey of Terrestrial Biodiversity, Scientific Diving Methods in Marine Ecology and Field Studies of Marine Mammals. Check out the full schedule at Summer Education & Applied Science Institute at Dalhousie in Ecology.

Classes online

The department of biology offers online versions of its two introductory biology classes: BIOL 1020.03: Introductory Biology I:Cells, Genetics and Evolution (equivalent of BIOL 1010.03) and BIOL 1021.03 Introductory Biology II: Organismal Biology and Ecology (equivalent of BIOL 1011.03).

Both classes are offered in each of the Fall, Winter and Summer semesters.

Each class is offered over the course of 13 weeks, corresponding to the regular schedule for Dalhousie classes. The first week provides an introduction and orientation, and is followed by 12 weeks of class content. The midterm exams are given at approximately the sixth or seventh week of class, and final exams at the end of each term.

These classes are designed to be fully interactive and are presented as a series of lessons. For each lesson, there is a reading assignment, a set of related activities, and an online quiz. There is also a term project, as well as the midterm and final exams. The classes are highly structured, with students following a defined path of study. There are ample opportunities for students to communicate with their classmates, teaching assistants, and instructor, via discussion boards, internal e-mail, and chat rooms.

Students can go online any time to receive information, conduct exercises and participate in discussions. There are, however, weekly deadlines for course work. The midterm and final exams are written on campus for students living in the metro Halifax area, or under the supervision of a local proctor for students taking the classes by distance education.

For more info on online classes, see Dalhousie's Distance Education Resources. Make sure to do the quiz, Are you ready for a distance education?

Biology Special Topics Classes

These directed-studies classes are available to fourth year students who wish to study an area of biology not covered by other classes. The outline of class content must be submitted to and approved by the chair of the curriculum committee. See the description in the calendar.

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