Plant Biology Research Faculty

AdlBiology of microorganisms, ecology of decomposition, soil and sediment nutrient cycling.(lab)
GunawardenaProgrammed cell death, apoptosis, lace plant, Aponogeton madagascariensis, plant development, cell biology, perforation formation, caspases, ethylene, developmental PCD(lab)
HarperTerrestrial plant ecology including forest edges, treeline, structural development, old-growth forests.(lab)
HerbingerQuantitative/Population Genetics: pedigree algorithm, relatedness, heritability, breeding value estimation, tree breeding, aquaculture genetics, QTL mapping, Marker Assisted Selection.(lab)
JohnstonEvolution, ecology and genetics of plants, mutation rate, polyploidy, natural selection, mating systems, self-fertilization, flower development, molecular evolution.(lab)
LattaEcology, Evolution and Genetics of Plants, Stream A, Avena, Ponderosa Pine, Gene Flow, Hybridization, Local Adaptation, Evolutionary Trade-off, Population Ecology, Botany, Ecological Genetics(lab)
LeeEvolution of organelle genetic systems in green algae.(lab)
Lifruit/vegetable plant nutrition, plant stomatal regulation, GIS, remote sensing, simulation modeling(lab)
LundholmEcology; plant species diversity; urban ecology; coastal barrens; green roofs; coexistence; spatial pattern(lab)
LynchOrganic production systems, nutrient cycling in agro-ecosystems, soil organic matter dynamics, composting and management of manures and organic wastes, soil microbiology, and legume physiology(lab)
O'DorTelemetric bioenergetics of cephalopods (lab)
Qaderi Physiological plant ecology; plant responses to multiple environmental factors; climate change and plants; physiological ecology of weeds and crops; seed biology (lab)
StonePlant developmental biology, molecular and cell biology, Arabidopsis thaliana, protein ubiquitination, regulated proteolysis, kinase signaling(lab)
VesseyPlant Biology; Plant-Microbe Interactions(lab)
Wang-Pruski Plant, Molecular Biology, Functional Genomics(lab)
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