Physiology Research Faculty

AdamoThe interactions between immune responses and behaviour in insects and
cephalopod behavioural physiology
CrollComparative neurobiology, ctenophore, nervous system, immunohistochemistry, anatomy and morphometrics, behaviour, in vitro physiological preparations and advanced imaging techniques(lab)
Crossinbehavioural ecology, evolutionary physiology, animal physiology, freshwater and marine fish, birds, telemetry, physiological sampling techniques(lab)
IversonEvolutionary ecology, behaviour and conservation biology of fishes.(lab)
LallBiochemistry; Physiology(lab)
O'DorTelemetric bioenergetics of cephalopods (lab)
PinderCoral and coral reef fish propagation and physiology, ardiovascular and respiratory development of fish and amphibians(lab)
PlattEcology; Physiology(lab)
PohajdakMolecular/Cell Biology, Immunology: Cell secretion, diabetes, immunocontraceptives, NK cells (lab)
RomanukBiodiversity loss, species invasions, food web structure and dynamics, ecosystem functioning (lab)
StonePlant developmental biology, molecular and cell biology, Arabidopsis thaliana, protein ubiquitination, regulated proteolysis, kinase signaling(lab)
WassersugMetamorphosis and Adaptations of Anuran Larvae (lab)
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