Ecology Research Faculty

AdlBiology of microorganisms, ecology of decomposition, soil and sediment nutrient cycling.(lab)
Bowen Ecology, behaviour and population dynamics of marine mammals(lab)
BrodersPopulation ecology with specific interests in social aspects of bats, and more recently on various aspects of the biology of moose.(lab)
Crossinbehavioural ecology, evolutionary physiology, animal physiology, freshwater and marine fish, birds, telemetry, physiological sampling techniques(lab)
FreedmanEcological effects of pollution and disturbance (lab)
HansonCoastal and estuarine ecosystems; predator-preyfishes and decapods; invasive species; aggregate biomass models(lab)
HarperTerrestrial plant ecology including forest edges, treeline, structural development, old-growth forests.(lab)
HutchingsEvolutionary ecology, behaviour and conservation biology of fishes.(lab)
IversonEvolutionary ecology, behaviour and conservation biology of fishes.(lab)
JohnstonEvolution, ecology and genetics of plants, mutation rate, polyploidy, natural selection, mating systems, self-fertilization, flower development, molecular evolution.(lab)
JonsenMovement and population modeling, Bayesian inference, hierarchical modeling, foraging and migratory behaviours, population trends of data-poort marine species(lab)
Kernaghan Ecology of fungi in northern forests, and the ecological relationships between plant communities and their root associated endophytic and mycorrhizal fungi. Our approach combines mycorrhizal re-synthesis with a variety of DNA based identification techniques. (lab)
LaneSustainable development and environmental management especially in Latin America.(lab)
LattaEcology, Evolution and Genetics of Plants, Stream A, Avena, Ponderosa Pine, Gene Flow, Hybridization, Local Adaptation, Evolutionary Trade-off, Population Ecology, Botany, Ecological Genetics(lab)
LeonardBehavioural ecology - parent-offspring communication, sibling competition, mating systems, passerine birds.(lab)
LotzeHuman impacts on marine species and ecosystems and their consequences for the ocean and society.(lab)
LundholmEcology; plant species diversity; urban ecology; coastal barrens; green roofs; coexistence; spatial pattern(lab)
PlattEcology; Physiology(lab)
Qaderi Physiological plant ecology; plant responses to multiple environmental factors; climate change and plants; physiological ecology of weeds and crops; seed biology (lab)
RomanukBiodiversity loss, species invasions, food web structure and dynamics, ecosystem functioning (lab)
RuzzanteEcological mechanisms that are responsible for the evolution of diversity and to the conservation of that diversity in fish (the genetic diversity that exists within species) in a world of ever increasing human impact(lab)
ScheiblingBenthic marine ecology, marine biology, invertebrate fisheries, aquaculture, subtidal ecosystems.(lab)
SchmidtEcology, Marine Biology(lab)
StaicerBehaviour and ecology of forest birds, ecological monitoring, avian populations, birds, forest ecosystems, lake ecosystems, species conservation, vocal behaviour, wood-warblers.(lab)
VezinaPhysical, Chemical and Ecological Interactions in Two Arctic polynyas(lab)
WaldePopulation dynamics, arthropods, dispersal, species interactions(lab)
WassersugMetamorphosis and Adaptations of Anuran Larvae (lab)
WhiteheadBehaviour, ecology and conservation of whales(lab)
Wong Marine Biology, Ecology(lab)
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