Behavior Research Faculty

AdamoThe interactions between immune responses and behaviour in insects and
cephalopod behavioural physiology
Bowen Ecology, behaviour and population dynamics of marine mammals(lab)
BrodersPopulation ecology with specific interests in social aspects of bats, and more recently on various aspects of the biology of moose.(lab)
Crossinbehavioural ecology, evolutionary physiology, animal physiology, freshwater and marine fish, birds, telemetry, physiological sampling techniques(lab)
HutchingsEvolutionary ecology, behaviour and conservation biology of fishes.(lab)
IversonEvolutionary ecology, behaviour and conservation biology of fishes.(lab)
JonsenMovement and population modeling, Bayesian inference, hierarchical modeling, foraging and migratory behaviours, population trends of data-poort marine species(lab)
LeonardBehavioural ecology - parent-offspring communication, sibling competition, mating systems, passerine birds.(lab)
O'DorTelemetric bioenergetics of cephalopods (lab)
ScheiblingBenthic marine ecology, marine biology, invertebrate fisheries, aquaculture, subtidal ecosystems.(lab)
Shutler Interactions among reproductive stress, parasites and immunity; how parasite populations fluctuate over time and how this plays into animal strategy for responding to them(lab)
StaicerBehaviour and ecology of forest birds, ecological monitoring, avian populations, birds, forest ecosystems, lake ecosystems, species conservation, vocal behaviour, wood-warblers.(lab)
WassersugMetamorphosis and Adaptations of Anuran Larvae (lab)
WhiteheadBehaviour, ecology and conservation of whales(lab)
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