Karen Smith

Biology Technician
Biology 1010/1011

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D i.! I am Karen Smith. I graduated from Saint Mary’s University with B. Sc. in Biology, and have worked as a biology technician and a research assistant there. I started working in the Dalhousie Biology Dept. in August 2004, as the principal technician for Biology 1010 and 1011. I am responsible for the set up of the weekly labs for this course. I am a technical resource for the instructors, teaching assistants, and students concerning the running of these labs. In addition I have many various responsibilities throughout the biology department involving technical support to other teaching labs, care for departmental laboratory equipment, operation of the Thomas McCulloch Museum, and conducting tours of the department.

My favorite part of my job is working with students, and supporting them throughout their university careers. I am a native of Halifax so I look forward to seeing many familiar students, and to meeting all the new ones. You can find me in Rm. 1003A.

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA | CANADA B3H 4R2 | +1 (902) 494-3515