Beverley Rodgerson

Biology Technician
Technical Support Staff

Biology Lab Technologist (N.S.A.C)
BSc. (Dalhousie)
BSc. (Computer Science - in progess)

Web Design 1-4 (N.S.I.T)
Computer Hardware 1&2 (N.S.I.T)

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Ihave been a part of the Dalhousie community in the Biology Department for over 25 years. My job has undergone many changes. I have worked in such areas as Microbiology, Marine & Terrestrial Diversity, Biology 1000, herbarium, greenhouse, and Cell Biology. Presently, I am the principal technician for Genetics & Molecular Biology, Marine and Terrestrial Diversity. My duties include setting up labs with equipment, media, electrophoresis gels, chemicals, marine and plant organisms. My duties in this area have changed from culturing Drosophila to culturing and crossing strains of sordaria  in conjunction with the genetics instructor. I prepare media plates for the growth of these organisms.

The use of the web in teaching has grown in the Biology department and as a result I am spending an increasing amount of time designing, editing, and maintaining web pages for various members of the department such as Marine and Biology Honours programs, SEASIDE, and provide html support for the Terrestrial Diversity web page. I am also working on the BioInfo pages for Department and was a teaching assistant for an intro web based course. My educational interests have been ongoing in the computer science area which has allowed me to do more computer work in the department. I am interested in continuing to learn more about computers and networking and in setting up a network at home. I also enjoy reading, hiking and swimming.

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA | CANADA B3H 4R2 | +1 (902) 494-3515