Ping Li
Director of the Scientific Imaging Suite

BSc (Zhejiang University)
MSc (Zhejiang University)
MSc (University of Montana)
PhD (Dalhousie University)

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All equipment and services in the Suite are available for both research and teaching and, as such, we encourage all faculty, staff, and students to use the facility. For more information, please contact me at 902-494-3309 or email me at Although my work duties focus on digital imaging, electron and confocal microscopy, my own research specialty is botany, especially plant anatomy, embryology, flower development and evolution. To see some of my research work at Dalhousie, please visit Dr. Mark Johnston's (my post-doc supervisor) homepage.

Services Offered

The Scientific Imaging Suite:

  • is equipped with various modern microscopes and digital imaging related equipment.
  • We have one scanning electron microscope (SEM), two transmission electron microscopes (TEM), including an FEI Tecnai-12 (a state of the art microscope), one confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM), and one video imaging microscope.
  • We have a computer lab housing several computers with various digital image processing software and several printers, including two dye diffusion printers and an EPSON Stylus color 1520 printer.
  • The former printers make photo quality prints, and the latter printer has large format print capabilities that are good for presentations, signs, banners, maps, etc.
  • For details on our digital imaging related equipment, please visit Debra Grantham's web page.
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