Elizabeth Welsh
BSc (McMaster), MSc (Guelph)

BEd (Dalhousie)
  • Teaching: Instructor/Lab Co-ordinator:      
           Evolution (BIOL 2040.03 ) Lab Co-ordinator

           Biology and Society (BIOL 1050.03)
           University Prep Biology (CCE Biology 0010.00)
  • Chair of Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
  • Student Advising
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  • Teaching Biology: Principles of Biology


    students in the field
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    have several years of experience in research in Neurosciences at McMaster University and in clinical pathology laboratories at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. 

    I have been a professor in Biology at the Teacher’s College in Truro and taught genetics and biology for non-majors at Mount Saint Vincent University. At Dalhousie I have been the Senior Instructor in the first year Biology Laboratories for twelve years and am now the Senior Instructor for the second year core class in Evolution.  I love Biology and enjoy communicating this subject to students.  It is challenging and rewarding, but almost certainly never boring!

    Evolution is a second year core class. I co-ordinate and teach in the laboratories where the students work in small groups each week. The labs help to illustrate the principles learned in the lectures. With 150 students each term and thousands of fruit flies, it’s a busy lab!

    I am starting the Biology and Society class because I want students in other disciplines to be able to learn a bit about how relevant Biology is to their understanding of the world and society, and have fun doing so by actively participating in laboratories!  The major topics of cell biology, genetics and evolution provide the framework for applying this knowledge to current societal issues.

    I am also teaching the CCE University Preparation class which is designed to help students build up their biology background, laboratory skills, and confidence before going into the first year Biology majors experience. It is based on the Nova Scotia grade twelve curriculum.


    Chair of the Biology Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

    Student Advising: for Biology Majors degrees.


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