Jennifer Van Dommelen

BSc (Dalhousie), MSc (Dalhousie)

Sloan-C Online Teaching Certificate

  • Teaching: Introductory Biology I and II
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  • Teaching Introductory Biology I and II

    DIOL 1020 (Introductory Biology I: Cells, Genetics, and Evolution), and BIOL 1021 (Introductory Biology II: Organismal Biology and Ecology) are web-delivered classes that are fully interchangeable with the department's traditional lecture-style first year biology classes (BIOL 1010 and BIOL 1011 irespectively). I have been involved in the development and instruction of these classes since their inception in 2003.

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    BIOL 1020: Introductory Biology Ⅰ

    Each class is offered over a 13-week period, three times per year. Communication is primarily asynchronous, meaning that there are no set times when you must "attend lecture". The classes are flexible, but also highly structured - weekly assignments and tests help guide students through the material.

    The class websites incorporate the use of message boards, web conferences, and e-mail to facilitate communication among classmates and between students and teaching assistants. Online and offline lab exercises are chosen and designed to support skills in critical thinking, problem solving, observation, data collection and interpretation, and communication, as well as to support the specific learning objectives of the course lessons.

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    BIOL 1021: Introductory Biology Ⅱ


    BIOL 1020 and BIOL 1021 may be taken by on-campus students to accommodate their work and study schedules, or by students at any location worldwide where regular access to the Web is assured. For more information about the classes, please visit the first link in the list below.

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