Gillian Gass
B.Sc. (Dalhousie, 2001)
M.A. (Toronto, 2002)
Ph.D. (Toronto, 2006)

Teaching Biology: Biology 1010 and Biology 1011

I I am one of the Instructors in charge of the laboratory component of BIOL 1010 and BIOL 1011,and I am the course coordinator for BIOL 1011. These are large Introductory Biology classes, each lectured by three professors who teach in their areas of research expertise (Cell Biology, Genetics, and Evolution in BIOL 1010, and Plant Biology, Animal Biology, and Ecology in BIOL 1011). The weekly laboratory sessions for these classes are generally limited to twenty-four students in each room, so there are lots of opportunities for students to receive individual attention and to work together in pairs or small groups with their fellow students. These two courses cover a wide range of topics in biology, and the laboratory exercises are very diverse as well. Students have lots of opportunities to conduct experiments, make observations, prepare and examine specimens with light and dissecting microscopes, as well as to use some of the analytic and mathematical tools of biology.

In addition, I am the secondary Instructors responsible for the online introductory biology courses, BIOL 1020 and BIOL 1021. These classes are a great option for students who want an asynchronous, distance version of introductory biology: the classes are set up so that students do not need to be present in a classroom at predefined times, but can instead work around their schedules. The classes have weekly assignments and quizzes, as well as a term project and midterm and final exams. Students are assigned to a small tutorial section, and section Teaching Assistants give weekly lesson introductions, feedback on assignments, and help answer questions and promote discussion in the classes' online forums. We are always developing new ways to help students engage with their instructors and classmates even though they are taking the class at a distance.

As well, I am an academic advisor for students majoring or planning to major in Biology or Marine Biology. Please feel free to stop by to chat with me about planning your degree and choosing your classes, or contact me to set up an appointment or ask any questions that you might have..

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