Patricia (Pat) Collins

BSc (Dalhousie)
MSc (Dalhousie)
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  • Teaching Biology: Biology and Marine Biology Honours Class

    After 28 very enjoyable and satisfying years teaching Developmental Biology and Plant Anatomy, in 2010 I changed my status with the Biology Department to 50%. I will now be focussing just on the department’s honours programmes and the administration of the department’s undergraduate awards which is also something that I have done for a very long time and thoroughly enjoy.

    Administration: Biology and Marine Biology Honours Programme and the Undergraduate Awards

    The Biology Honours Programme. The Honours Course (Biol/Mari 4900) is a required class for all final year Biology and Marine Biology Honours Students. I am the Administrative Executive of the Biology Honours Committee (I look after all the paper-pushing), a co-coordinator of the Honours Class, and a Biology Programme Advisor. I always enjoy my interactions with the department’s “Junior Scientists” and being a part of their honours experience. It’s a joy to watch them grow, mature and blossom in just two years!

    Cameron Conference for Biology and Marine Biology Honours Students

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