Christine Beauchamp

BSc (Memorial), MSc (Memorial)

BEd (Dalhousie)

  • Teaching: Introductory Ecology Labs
  • Undergraduate Programme Advisor
  • Teaching Assistant Coordinator
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  • Teaching Biology: Introductory Ecology

    I teach the laboratory component of Introductory Ecology, BIOL2060, a required class for Biology majors which is offered in both fall and winter semesters.

    Forest field trip

    This class examines the ecology of single species, species interactions and community and ecosystem level ecology. It prepares students for advanced 3000 and 4000 level ecology offerings and for many of the SEASIDE field classes. The labs build on concepts covered in lectures through hands-on exercises, computer simulations, and field trips.



    Undergraduate Programme Advisor: Outside of the ecology lab, I interact with students one on-one in my role as Undergraduate Programme Advisor for the 15-credit and 20-credit Biology programmes. (I am just one of several such undergrad advisors.) I assist students with class inquiries, difficulties relating to programme structure, interpretation of rules and regulations, and the like.

    Teaching Assistant Coordinator: I am also the Teaching Assistant Coordinator for the Biology Department, and each year I meet the many graduates and undergraduates who seek teaching experiences in our undergraduate classes. About150 TA positions are available in more than 30 of our classes on a yearly basis. Each year in September, at the beginning of the academic year, TAs participate in TA DAY, a one-day series of orientation seminars designed to help get them off to an enthusiastic start.


    Biology 2060 Laboratory


    HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA | CANADA B3H 4R2 | +1 (902) 494-3515