Graduate Contacts

Administrative Officer, Julie WalkerJellyfish
General information for prospective students
Finding space to work for students supervised outside Biology Department
Problems with payment of scholarships
The admissions process

Graduate Admissions Chair, Dr. Daniel Ruzzante
Admission decisions
Biology, Killam and NSERC Scholarships

Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Hal Whitehead
Specific Information on Graduate Programme
Special topics classes
Admission to Candidacy examinations
Preliminary examinations
Supervisors and supervisory committees
Extensions to deadlines
Problems with supervisors and supervisory committees
General issues with the graduate programme

Chairperson’s Secretary Ms. Carolyn Young
Setting up yearly meeting with Graduate Coordinator
Setting up ATC and Preliminary Examinations
Setting up MSc defences
Liaising with Faculty of Graduate Studies for setting up PhD defences
Updating Graduate Student Information Database

Faculty of Graduate Studies

International Center


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