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Welcome to Dalhousie University, Department of Biology.  We want your stay here to be a positive experience.  If, at any time, you have questions or concerns please bring them to:

your supervisor;

Julie Walker Room 2078 (Administrative Officer)

Hal Whitehead, Room 3076A (Graduate Coordinator)

Dr. Tom MacRae Room 2088 (Chair of Biology Department)

Ms. Carolyn Young Room 2082 (Graduate Secretary)

We are here to answer your questions, to assist you with your transition to graduate life in the Biology Department to welcome you into our department.  We’ve listed below a few things that you need to do, once you have been accepted or upon your arrival at the University.

Do you know your Banner ID number?  This would have been provided to you in your letter of acceptance from Registrar.

Do you have your Dal Card/Banner ID/Student Card?  This is one card you will need it as it is the official Dalhousie University identification card.  You must go to the Dal Card Office to obtain your card.  The Dal Card Office is located at:

1443 Seymour Street

For more information:

Have you set up your Net ID?  
You must set up your PIN and email account.   Your email is the main source of email correspondence at Dalhousie University.   All messages sent by Dalhousie University and the Biology Department will go to your Dal email address.   You can also check the status of your student account, payroll and stipend information once you have set up your Dalhousie Net ID.

Have you returned your “Direct Deposit” form and a void cheque to the Biology Office or Payroll Services?  All payments (including expense and travel reimbursement) to Dalhousie students, faculty and staff are by direct deposit.  It is important to provide Payroll Services with your banking information so that you will receive your monthly stipend. International students must provide an up-to-date copy of your student visa.

Have you taken care of your Health/Dental and Medical Coverage?

Coverage Canadian Students International Students

Nova Scotia MSI Card (Medical Services Insurance)

Provides coverage for physician and hospital visits.
Required You can apply immediately if you are employed as either as Teaching Assistant or Research Associate.   Otherwise there is a 12-month wait period.

DSU (Dalhousie Student Union) Health and Dental Plan

Required unless you have alternate coverage.  You must apply to opt out of the plan and provide proof of alternate coverage. Required unless you have alternate coverage.  You must apply to opt out of the plan and provide proof of alternative coverage.

International Student Health Plan

Not applicable. Required if you are not eligible to apply for an MSI card.  You must apply to opt out of the plan and provide proof of alternate coverage.

NOTE:  If you have started in either January or May and you are in need of medical/health/dental care coverage, you must contact the appropriate provider as listed above.

Have you registered?  All graduate students must register for all three terms.  If you are not registered, you will not receive your monthly stipend if you are paid through Dalhousie.  New, January start graduate students will register for the current winter and summer terms.  New May start graduate students will register for the current summer term.  New students must meet with his/her supervisor to work out a program of study.  All new and continuing students must register in all three terms (fall, winter, summer) for the upcoming academic year.  In addition to any classes you will take during the year, you must register in REGN9999 and either the Master Thesis BIOL9000 or PhD Thesis BIOL9530.  For registration information and deadlines and see Registration Information and Fees.

Have you paid your tuition and other fees?  If your stipend is administered through Dalhousie University, your tuition and fees will automatically be deducted.  If you are paid by an agency other than through Dalhousie University, you must arrange payment of your tuition and fees.  Tuition and fees are paid three times a year (September, January and May). 

Have you read the Graduate Programme Regulations of the Department of Biology?  These are the formal regulations of the graduate programme of the department.  It gives you information you require to prepare for your progression through your studies to your final thesis presentation.

Have you checked in with the Graduate Secretary?  Carolyn Young is the department’s Graduate Secretary.  She will assign you a mail slot in the graduate student mail room and provide you with an access code to the room.  You should provide her with your Dalhousie email address.  Carolyn will arrange to have your name and email added to the Biology Graduate Student mail list.  She will arrange your yearly meeting with the Graduate Coordinator in September.

Do you have questions that have not been answered here?  Contact one of those people listed above.  We can help you with your questions


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