Biology Department Committees


The following are eligible to vote at Committee of the Whole (COW) meetings of the Biology Department:

1.      All full time and part-time (>50%) professors holding regular appointments.

2.      All full time and part time Instructors.

3.      All sessional Professors and Instructors in the academic year in which they are holding an appointment.

4.      All Emeritus Professors and those holding comparable post-retirement appointments.

5.      Honorary Adjunct Professors (or equivalent), as selected by those adjunct faculty present at the annual COW meeting, or who have been nominated for that purpose.

6.      All full time and part time support staff (technical and clerical) represented by the DSA.

7.      7 graduate students nominated by BOGS.

8.      5 undergraduate student representatives as nominated by DABS.

9.      5 representatives of the post-doctoral fellows and similar non-permanent research staff.

10.    The departmental Administrative Officer.

In 1992, this constituted a COW voting population of about 80 persons.  The quorum for the COW is 10 voting members.

COW Motion 747, October 1992.

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