Academic and Administrative Committees Membership 2005-2006

A.      Undergraduate Program

Biology Majors Committee

  • Christine Beauchamp
  • Todd Bishop
  • Jeanne Breckenridge
  • Chris Corkett
  • Edna Staples
  • Elizabeth Welsh

Curriculum Committee

  • Sandra Walde (Chair)
  • Sina Adl (Honours)
  • Edna Staples (Advanced Major)
  • Mary-Jane O’Halloran (Marine)
  • Members at large: David Patriquin, Bill Pohajdak
  • Connie deSousa (NSGEU Rep)
  • Bill Freedman (ex officio)
  • DABS Rep (ex officio)
  • DAMS Rep (ex officio)

Honours and Undergraduate Student Awards (USA) Committee

  • Alan Pinder (Chair, Biology Program Advisor and Co-coordinator Honours Class)
  • Pat Collins       (Administrative Executive, Administration, Co-ordinator Honours Class, General Biology Program Advisor)
  • Sina Adl (Biology Program Advisor)
  • Bob Latta (Biology Program Advisor and Co-coordinator Honours Class)
  • Mary-Jane O’Halloran (Marine Biology Co-op Program Advisor)
  • Jonathan Wright (Biology Program Advisor and Co-ordinator Honours Class)
  • Bill Pohajdak (Biology Program Advisor)

Marine Biology Committee

  • Jeanne Breckenridge
  • Chris Corkett
  • Robert Scheibling

Coordinators/Single or 2-Person Committees

Transfer Credits

  • Robert Latta
  • Edna Staples

TA Co-ordinator

  • Christine Beauchamp

Marine Biology Programmes Co-ordinator (including Co-op)

  • Mary-Jane O’Halloran

Teaching Equipment Committee

  • Jeanne Breckenridge
  • Ransom Myers
  • Julie Walker
  • Bill Freedman

B.     Graduate Program

Graduate Directorate

  • Hal Whitehead (Graduate Co-ordinator)
  • Chris Corkett (Executive Assistant)
  • Robert Lee (Chair of Graduate Admissions as of July 1, 2005)
  • Marty Leonard (Stream A Chair: Ecology and Evolution)
  • Mark Johnston (Stream A Chair: Ecology and Evolution)
  • Paul Bentzen (Stream A Floater Chair: Ecology and Evolution and Stream C: Cell/Molec.Biol./Genetics)
  • Jonathan Wright (Stream C Chair: Cell/Molec. Biol./Genetics)
  • Nancy McAllister-Irwin (Stream D Chair: Organismal (Physiology/Development))
  • Jill Rogers (Stream E Chair: Agrobiology; NSAC)
  • Tyler Schulz (BOGS Rep.)
  • Laura Weir (BOGS Rep.)

Graduate Admissions and Scholarships

  • Robert Lee (Chair as of July 1, 2005)
  • Robert Latta (Acting Chair until July 1, 2005)
  • Sandra Walde (Acting Chair until July 1, 2005)
  • Tyler Schulz (BOGS Rep)
  • Laura Weir (BOGS Rep)

Lett Committee

  • Dan Kehler (Grad Student Rep)
  • Greg Thiemann (Grad Student Rep)
  • Bill Freedman (Chair of Department)
  • Julie Walker (Administrative Officer)

Coordinators/Single or 2-Person Committees

Graduate Modules

  • Robert Scheibling


Appointments, Re-Appointments (Tenure, Promotions) and Faculty Awards Committee

  • Chair:  Robert Scheibling
  • Mark Johnston
  • Om Rajora (on 2-year leave)
  • Tom MacRae
  • Christine Beauchamp
  • Jeff Hutchings

IT Advisory Group (Advise Dept. Chair on Dept. IT needs, updates, etc. as needed)

  • Joe Bielawski
  • David Patriquin
  • Elizabeth Welsh
  • Julie Walker
  • Steve Fry
  • Bev Rodgerson

Overhead and Other Discretionary Funds Advisory Group

  • Chair:  Julie Walker
  • Ransom Myers
  • Jeanne Breckenridge
  • Bill Freedman (Chair, ex officio)

Social Committee

  • Chair:  Sara Iverson
  • Sina Adl
  • Connie deSousa

Space Committee

  • Chair:  Julie Walker
  • Steve Fry
  • Christine Beauchamp
  • Bill Freedman (Chair, ex officio)

Co-ordinators/Single or 2-Person Committees

Department Seminar Co-ordinator

  • Daniel Ruzzante

Secretary of COW

  • Carolyn Young


  • Julie Walker

Safety/Aquatic Facilities/Department Equipment Loans

  • Steve Fry


  • Mark Johnston


  • Carmen Mills

Imaging Suite

  • Ping Li


  • John Lindley


  • Carey Isenor

Web Master

  • Bev Rodgerson

Tours of Department

    • Karen Smith
    • Steve Fry
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