Space Committee

It is the responsibility of the Space Committee to ensure that all matters of space be addressed and resolved on a timely and ongoing basis.  Specifically, the Committee will seek to equitably distribute office, laboratory, and storage space amongst faculty and staff by:

  1. conducting annual space audits to maintain up-to-date records of space use and occupancy
  2. reviewing those records to ensure space is allocated in accordance to the kind and level of activity currently undertaken by various members of the Department
  3. meeting routinely to address task (b) and, on a per-need basis, to consider individual space requests
  4. ensuring that new members to the Department are allocated adequate and suitable space.
Committee Membership:

Administrative Officer, Chair of the Space Committee

1 Faculty Member from the Instructor group (elected)

2 Faculty Members from the Professorial group (elected)

Chair of the Department (ex officio)

Chief Technologist


October 8, 2008


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