The Patrick F. Lett Graduate Students' Assistance Bursary

Purpose of the Bursary

  1. The bursary is to aid graduate student who are having difficulty getting sufficient assistance from other sources.  The student must demonstrate the need in conjunction with supportive information from their Supervisor or Chairman of the Department.

  2. No student applying for this bursary is to be judged based upon their academic qualifications.  Acceptance into Graduate School at Dalhousie University is to serve as sufficient criteria of academic worth.

Use of Bursary:

Once need is established funds can be used to support the student’s research, tuition, books, lodging and travel that relates to their research.  No funds are to be used for the purchase of computer time on the University of Dalhousie computers.

May 15, 1991

How to Apply

Applications for Lett funding will be considered for students who wish to apply for funding for the periods:

September 1, through December 31 (Term 1) - apply by July 31;
January 1, through April 30 (Term 2) - apply by November 30; or
May 1 through August 31 (Term 3) - apply by April 30.

Normally, applications are considered on a per term basis.  However, the Lett Committee will consider applications at any time if the need is urgent.  Any eligible graduate student wishing to apply for Lett Funding should do so by date noted above.  You are considered eligible if:

  1. you are a MSc student and you have been supported by either your supervisor or some other means for 2 full years and have received further support of at least 80 percent of the graduate student stipend for an additional 3 months; or

  2. you are a PhD student and you have been supported either by your supervisor or some other means for 4 full years and have received further support of at least 80 percent of the stipend for an additional 6 months;

  3. neither a) nor b) above applies but there are extenuating circumstances and you require financial assistance.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Complete an application form (available in the office or use the Excel form supplied).

  2. Submit a letter stating why your thesis has taken longer than anticipated, including a timeline for completion.  Include any information you feel necessary to help the committee assess your application.

  3. Submit a letter from your supervisor outlining your progress and stating how much funding he/she is able to provide (this is important) per month.  The amount your supervisor is prepared to provide must coincide with the amount you indicate as the Supervisor’s contribution on your application – so please be sure and discuss this with your supervisor.

  4. Submit proof that other sources of funding have been sought.  For Canadian students this includes investigating student loans.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure a complete application is submitted.  Students reapplying for Lett Funding should not assume that information provided previously is sufficient - a new application as outlined above, must be submitted.

Normally, funding decisions are made three times a year with application deadlines occurring as noted.  In reviewing the applications, the committee will consider:  the length of time the student has been on Lett funding; the level of support requested; the student’s progress as assessed by letters received; and the amount of money available in the Lett Fund.  Please be aware that not everyone who applies will receive funding or you may not receive the full amount requested.

Any questions regarding the application process should be directed to the Chair of the Lett Committee (Administrative Officer of the Department of Biology)

Lett Fund Application Form


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