Appointment, Tenure, Promotion & Faculty Award

    Committee Membership
    Members at Large from Faculty (2)
    BOGS Reps (2)

    It is the responsibility of the departmental Appointments, Tenure, Promotion and Faculty Awards (A&A) Committee to:

    1. evaluate faculty applications for tenure and promotion;
    2. evaluate 3-year review of probationary positions;
    3. evaluate external applications for appointments to:
      1. Honorary Research Associate,
      2. Honorary Adjunct Professor
      3. Cross-listed faculty member;
    4. Nominate faculty for awards such as:
      1. Killam Faculty of Science Professorship,
      2. Killam Prize,
      3. Faculty of Science Award for Excellence in Teaching

    The A&A Committee in some cases may be involved with evaluating externally funded appointments.  Note that appointments to the position of Professor Emeritus are NOT handled by the A&A Committee, nor by any departmental committee.

    Procedures & Terms of Reference
    Terms of reference, including procedures, for the various activities of the Committee are found in a variety of documents, each of which is updated on an irregular basis.  The A&A Committee has paper copies of these, and electronic versions of some documents can be found on the Biology website.  Terms of reference for promotion, tenure and for Faculty of Science awards are to be found in:

    Faculty of Science Excellence in Teaching Award,_STAFF_AND%20STUDENTS/Forms.php

    Dalhousie University Faculty of Science Rules and Procedures,_STAFF_AND%20STUDENTS/Policies.php

    Collective Agreement between the Board of Governors of Dalhousie University the Dalhousie Faculty Association (2007-2011)
    Article 12:  Instructors
    Article 14:  Appointments and Reappointments
    Article 15:  Tenure, Continuing Appointment and Appointment Without Term
    Article 16:  Promotion

    As of August 2005

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